May 17, 2019

Ms. E was hands down one of my favorite clients to work with in 2018. She came in to make a special gift for her husband but it was also a gift for herself. I had a blast helping plan her Couture Session especially with wardrobe ideas. And she totally knocked it out of the park. Just like every women that walks into my studio, Ms. E had a few concerns about the way her images would turn out. The results were Ahhhhmazing and I think she might have just blown her own damn mind. Read below to hear about her experience in her own words.

“My biggest fear was how my pictures would turn out. I looked through all of the images and every woman looked INCREDIBLE! I’ve never had a high self-confidence with my body image or viewed myself that way so I was really nervous that those feelings would show through in my pictures and I would hate them. I’ve also never been good at the “sexy look” so I was concerned about being able to “model.” Andddd… I was also really nervous about buying lingerie because I am curvy and wasn’t sure what would look best. Those fears did NOT come true at all! I saw my pictures and thought, “WHOA, these are absolutely gorgeous!” I could not believe that they turned out so well…even better than I had imagined! It was a huge self-esteem boost! And during the shoot Christie was so great at helping me pose/telling me exactly what I needed to do, I wasn’t even thinking about modeling, I was focused on listening to everything she said! And as far as the lingerie, join her Facebook group! Christie and all of her members are SO helpful in that department! She was with me every step of the way, sending me information, answering my questions, and I was completely comfortable with her!” -Ms. E

“My favorite part of the shoot was the very beginning, after you get to see the AMAZING hair/make-up and then the reveal! The beginning because once you see yourself in the mirror and how good you look it makes you relax a ton and give you some confidence that you can totally do this! And the reveal because Oh. My. Gosh. You will just die over your pictures. I’ve never been one who loves looking at pictures of myself, but there I was. I thought for sure it would be easy to pick out my favorites but I loved them all SO MUCH! I left so excited!”

“I’ve recommended Christie to some of my friends and my advice is to just go for it! As someone who is fairly anxious and always overthinks everything, I get the apprehension and nervousness. But I tell them that despite those feelings, this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had! I know my husband will love the gift, but really it was a huge gift to myself too! For all of the crazy things I’ve spent money on, this is by far one of my best investments!”

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