October 28, 2019

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Hello Beauties! Let’s talk about the boudoir consultation and what you should be asking a potential photographer during them. A consultation is discovery meeting that either happens in person or via phone/video chat. It is a great way for you to get to know your photographer better and how they operate their sessions. Boudoir sessions are a HUGE commitment/investment! Meeting with potential photographers is a great idea before you decide to hire them. Let me break down the top 10 questions to ensure you are finding the perfect photographer.

1.) Where will my session take place and who will be present?

2.) Will you pose me and coach me throughout the session?

3.) Is professional hair and makeup provided? May I see the artists portfolio?

4.) Will my photos be shown on-line? Do you have a privacy contract?

5.) Do you edit your own images or are they outsourced. If so, where?

6.) May I see a gallery with a body shape similar to mine?

7.) Can you describe your editing style? Is it natural or more magazine quality?

8.) Do you have wardrobe recommendations for my body shape?

9.) How will I view my images, in person or on-line? If on-line, is it protected for security?

10.) How long will it take to receive my finished product?

Boudoir consultations are always available at our studio and are completely complimentary. Let’s set up a time to chat and discuss your vision and how we can create the ultimate boudoir experience for you.


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